NPR Couldn't Do ONE SECOND on the House Oversight Hearing on Hunter Biden and DOJ

July 20th, 2023 9:00 AM

The PBS NewsHour offered five minutes of coverage on Wednesday of the House Oversight Committee hearings on slow-walking the Hunter Biden investigation, but National Public Radio could not find one second to cover the hearing on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

The PBS story wasn't perfect -- the only congressman soundbite was Democrat Jamie Raskin -- but at least there was something.

Not only did NPR fail to find any time for the House committee probe on the horribly named newscast All Things Considered, even their top-of-hour newscasts from 4 pm to 8 pm -- even as the hearing was live -- aired nothing. The 8 pm newscast led off with how Donald Trump may still be indicted in Fulton County, Georgia.

The second story in the 6 pm newscast included NPR anchor Jack Spear proclaiming “Already looking at criminal charges in both New York and Florida, former president Donald Trump is likely to face additional charges soon." It's a "remarkable situation in which a former president faces a litany of charges, a number of which could mean possible prison time, even as he sees to reclaim the White House.”

To complete the impression left of State-Run Radio, two of these evening newscasts promoted how the Biden administration was evaluating how to make corporations better at the "White House Competition Council."

Remember that NPR covered every second of the House January 6 Committee hearings live. They luxuriated in it. But they now shamelessly pretend these hearings didn't exist. Blame their hardcore leftist audience, who can't stand to hear uncomfortable things. The evening show featured a 12-minute story recounting black activists badly mistreated in the South in 1963, but they can't find the news in 2023.

The NPR programs had multiple segments previewing the Women's World Cup, including this one: "As the Women's World Cup gets underway, a look at the history of the sports bra."

To get a complete sense of the aerobic avoidance of Biden scandals, here is the headlines as posted on the NPR website:


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If this lineup strikes you as a lack of journalistic rigor, you can contact the office of Public Editor Kelly McBride and tell her that Biden backers aren't the only people who subsidize NPR.