NewsBusters Podcast: The Press Has Zero Self-Respect, As Cue Card Scandal Shows

April 28th, 2023 10:46 PM

A photograph showing that President Biden was holding a cue card with the first question at his brief press conference on Wednesday shows that press events are rigged, just as the press tried to rig the election by suppressing the Hunter Biden story. If the press had any self-respect, they wouldn't be sharing questions and they would show more anger and demand more access about being shut out by "historically coy" Joe Biden.

The Los Angeles Times denied their reporter Courtney Subramanian tipped Team Biden, but the question on the cue card matched what came out of her mouth, the subject and the spin. 

This could be a Biden scandal, this "cheat sheet," but the onus should be on the press -- those braggarts who tell us it’s their job to hold powerful people accountable and then apparently hand their questions over to the powerful Democrats in advance. They're raging like CNN's Jim Acosta under Trump, and calm repeaters like CNN's Arlette Saenz under Biden. Just like Karine Jean-Pierre, Saenz tried to claim the spoken question was "not identical" to the card, but it was very similar, just with more words. 

As MRC founder Brent Bozell said on Fox Business, “What do you think would happen in the media if it turned out that during the Trump administration that Fox News's Peter Doocy was giving his questions to Donald Trump beforehand?" It would be the end of democracy! 

ABC, CBS, and NBC couldn't be bothered with this scandal, and CNN's "Reliable Sources" newsletter couldn't find it with two greasy hands.

Last weekend, The New York Times acknowledged the obvious: “As President Biden prepares to announce his bid for a second term as soon as Tuesday, his decision to keep the news media at arm’s length is part of a deliberate strategy.” The print edition headline was very muted: “Biden Is Historically Coy About Meeting the Press.” Why are they so undisturbed by the stiff arms?

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