NewsBusters Podcast: Hunter Biden Scoops, Michelle Obama's 'Epic' Goop

April 21st, 2023 10:48 PM

Surprise! Stories broke about the Hunter Biden investigation this week, and some networks actually covered them for a bit. On Friday, Curtis Houck noted CBS reported the news that the Biden campaign organized that letter of "intelligence professionals" who claimed without evidence that the Hunter Biden laptop had "all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation." Former CIA deputy director Mike Morell was urged by Biden aide Antony Blinken to organized the letter, which was leaked to Natasha Bertrand at Politico. 

As Ben Domenech summarized on Twitter: "The Biden campaign engineered this letter, claiming something they knew to be false, then planted it via compliant journalists in order for the candidate to reference it in a debate, knowing it was a lie on his behalf."

On Wednesday afternoon, The Wall Street Journal reported that a whistleblower who works in the IRS's criminal investigation division came forward to reveal that the Biden administration is allegedly giving Hunter Biden preferential treatment and has tried to stonewall the investigation into the alleged tax crimes Hunter committed. Only CBS reported it that night, but ABC and NBC caught up. PBS and NPR have not!

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama drew typical goop about her line "when they go low, we go high" and whether she would please her superfans by running for president someday. NBC late-night host Jimmy Fallon hailed her "epic line," but Michelle Obama has certainly gone low over the years, including in convention speeches. CBS morning host Gayle King gushed all over her, as usual, as you might expect, since they have vacationed together. But Mrs. Obama had a gaffe when she claimed America’s the only country with "unfettered access to firearms." Many felons, domestic abusers, and mental health patients don't get access.

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.