NewsBusters Podcast: Liberals Claim Fox News Has a Brand, a Base, a Silo -- And We Don't!

April 17th, 2023 10:39 PM

The liberal media elite's lack of introspection is obvious when journalists like NPR media reporter David Folkenflik try to claim that Fox News is uniquely building a business on serving an ideological base, as if that's not the model for NPR or In reality, under Trump, liberal media organs explicitly branded themselves as saving America and democracy from Trump for their branding, keeping conservative voices out of their information silo.

In a podcast for The Ringer, Folkenflik recognized that "People at Fox News say 'look, this is true for The New York Times. Their brand promises to cover the world in the most sophisticated way possible, and if they fail to do that, they'll lose their readers -- if they fail to hold government accountable, and probably if they fail to go after Trump, they will lose support of its readers."

But the funniest, and yet most maddening part is Folkenflik trying to explain how Fox sees NPR: "Fox would say we're all doing brands. NPR, your brand is to provide news and not to charge people money for it, right? And to do in an earnest, you know, painfully responsible way, that's what they would say."

No! NPR wouldn't call them painfully earnest or painfully responsible! Greg Gutfeld joked they were so dreadfully boring they put people to sleep for emergency surgery.

The NPR reporter claimed “the difference is, the consequences of what the New York Times does, or NPR does, or the Associated Press does, or the Washington Post does, is not inherently corrosive to the nation’s body politic. It is not intentionally trying to put not just a thumb, but a fist on the scale, to say ‘this is what’s going to happen, and we’re going to ram it down your throats.’”

CBS's Sunday Morning spent nine minutes promoting the dangers Dominion's lawsuit posed to Fox News. It sounded quite similar to a 60 Minutes piece on the same theme last October. But would CBS find it just as newsworthy when Dan Rather sued CBS in 2007 over his phony-documents story? Would anyone be interested in the juicy documents exposing CBS as "corrosive"? Back then, the liberal media professed no interest in this, and the suit was dismissed. Rather wasn't the scapegoat. He was responsible for his mess.

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