NewsBusters Podcast: PBS 'Snooze Hour' Tilts Bigly to the Left

March 29th, 2023 10:23 PM

The PBS NewsHour has an undeserved reputation as "straight news," or boring news. But a new MRC study of four months of the show's guests (from November through February) found a dramatic tilt to the Left -- 126 liberals/Democrats to 34 conservatives/Republicans. Take out the guests who are government officials, and the gap widens to 91 to 16 -- almost 6 to 1 liberal. PBS knows they're making a show for a liberal audience.

Our PBS/NPR analyst Clay Waters joins the show to explain his findings, and how PBS can sound a lot like MSNBC. New co-host Geoff Bennett worked at NPR and then MSNBC. The other new co-host, Amna Nawaz, occasionally appears on MSNBC and other pundit playgrounds to share her opinions. 

When PBS actually interviews Republicans, the questions are harsh and often critical of the direction of the GOP. When PBS interviews Democrats, it's not unusual for them to ask softball questions....that are often critical of the direction of the GOP. See what they do there? 

We also discuss NPR and how it can run down America as a backwards country with too many cars and guns. Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.