NBC Heavily Slants Toward Team Biden on Pill-Popping 'Abortion Access'

February 27th, 2023 9:38 AM

On Saturday's NBC Nightly News, they were divided on whether there was a "national divide" on abortion. They said the country was divided, but somehow NBC could only find six seconds for the pro-life view in a two-minute report. There is not much room for debate on this "News" network. 

All the liberal lingo was in use. Saturday anchor Jose Diaz-Balart began their press release for the Left: "Tonight, abortion rights activists are waiting on what could be the most consequential ruling on abortion access since Roe v. Wade was overturned. A judge in Texas could decide to pull a popular abortion pill off the market nationwide. Ali Vitali has more."

ALI VITALI: A new fault line in the battle over abortion access. This one centered on the so-called abortion pill. Both sides bracing for a Texas judge`s decision that could restrict access to one of two drugs used to induce medicated abortion.

Mifepristone is one part of a two-step regimen, long approved by the Food and Drug Administration [by Team Clinton in 2000] and currently the most prevalently used form of abortion care in the United States, with overwhelming evidence that it's safe and effective.

KAMALA HARRIS: Most Americans could look in their medicine cabinet, where they will find medication prescribed by a doctor that they use on daily basis. Mifepristone is no exception to that process.

It's sick to describe sucking a baby out of the womb as "care." For more of the pro-life case about the dangers of mifespristone abortions, see the Charlotte Lozier Institute report. But again, they're describing killing a baby as "safe and effective." It's not like taking a Tylenol. It's like taking rat poison that kills your somehow un-human baby.

VITALI: The federal judge in Texas appointed by former President Donald Trump could render his ruling any day now, setting off a national chain reaction long anticipated by abortion rights advocates and the White House. In some states, particularly rural ones with limited clinics that present a travel barrier to care, limitations on the pill could be keenly felt. In states like South Dakota, where we met Nurse Misty last year, limits on the pill were already the next battle.

MISTY, NURSE: Because it's not access at all. [Edit] Claiming that those medications aren't safe just is so false!

VITALI: Here on the steps of the Austin federal courthouse, the national divide encapsulated. (To woman) This, as much as it's a small scene, is a very telling one. Like, this is what, this is the national debate playing out?

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: It is the national debate, but at the same time, the majority of Americans, the vast majority of them are pro-choice and pro- abortion.

The "vast majority" are not "pro-abortion." Then there was a bland six seconds from the pro-life side, which was hard to hear over the shouting: 

MELANIE SALAZAR, PRO-LIFE PROTESTER: I believe that chemical abortion pills are the next battle that anti-abortion people have to be fighting.

Surely, Salazar had more to say to Vitali than merely stating that pills are the next battle. NBC can't provide space to talk about the life that's lost in every abortion. There's a killing, but they euphemize it as "access" to "care." 

Vitali concluded: "Jose, if the judge rules against the pill, expect the Biden administration to challenge it, a move that could ultimately put this decision before the Supreme Court."

Ironically, NBC's Saturday night fever for abortion was supported in part by Ancestry.com.