NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Tweaking Pro-Abortion Killjoys at the March for Life

January 23rd, 2023 10:00 PM

Friday's annual March for Life drew some assorted news stories (not from ABC). MRCTV's Tierin-Rose Mandelburg joins the show to discuss her video from the protest scene, and how pro-abortion people struggled with her questions. "What is an abortion?" was greeted as some kind of trick question. It's a real mind-bender. When you carry a sign saying "F--- Off Forced Birthers," you deserve a couple of questions. 

Don't miss Curtis Houck's research on how they covered this March over the weekend, and in recent years. There's a Rich Noyes flashback to the worst in pro-abortion media bias. Whenever there's coverage, the pro-life side gets the rough side of the labels, like "abortion rights opponents." 

Also: On Sunday's Meet the Press NBC's Chuck Todd mangled facts in his memory of the Monica Lewinsky affair 25 years ago. This was somehow a turning point for cable news, which had never been appointment television before 1998. Wrong. There was no discussion of the tilted "power dynamic" with the president using the intern. Wrong. There no sex scandals like this, before Clarence Thomas. Wrong -- and wrong, Thomas didn't have a "sex" scandal, he had someone accusing him of rude talk of porn.

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.