Hack Prize! Yamiche Alcindor at PBS Displays PERFECT Partisan Contrast on COVID

September 11th, 2021 6:46 AM

Sometimes, a contrast in events displays a pretty perfect example of partisan bias. It's just sad that the example comes from personnel at taxpayer-funded PBS. Sarah D. at Twitchy reported on PBS White House reporters and Washington Week host Yamiche Alcindor. 

Both Trump and Biden have made statements about how the governors of the Other Party need to be ignored for a robust federal policy to address the coronavirus. 

Last May, Alcindor was one of many liberal journalists to scold Trump for failing to understand federalism, that he couldn't simply "override the governors" (like then-adored Andrew Cuomo): 

But this week, Alcindor merely repeated Biden's very similar chatter, as if this time, righteous wisdom has announced itself: 

Notice that Biden is never "missing context," and never needs a lecture as if he's not smarter than a 5th grader on the Constitution. This was presented on Twitter, side by side: 

This was part of a series of tweets where Alcindor just repeated everything Biden said, taking no exception to Biden claiming Republicans were "undermining" the fight against COVID. How Joy Reid-ish, like they're pro-COVID:

Alcindor's eager promotion of everything White House extended to the First Lady, as you could see from scrolling her Twitter page: 

PBS sounds like state-run TV....when the state is run by Democrats.