OOPS: On PBS, David Brooks Praises the 'Jefferson Project' of Never-Trumpers

July 4th, 2020 12:23 PM

On Friday night's PBS NewsHour, David Brooks gaffed. He called the Lincoln Project of ex-McCain advisers the "Jefferson Project." He claimed they are conservatives, Trump is merely an anti-leftist.

"Republicans for Biden” is very exciting for all the leftists at PBS, who take conservative money and make Democrat propaganda. David Brooks is precisely this kind of fraudulent pseudoconservative supporting Biden each week.

Brooks first asked leftist Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart about the Lincoln Project, and “then, just in the last few days, we have been watching alumni of the George W. Bush administration, another group of Republicans, coming together to oppose the president, trying to come up with a message. What is going on here? What has triggered this? And is it effective, do you think?”

Capehart said “Make no mistake, the Bush 43 alumni who have come out against President Trump, the Lincoln Project folks, these are not Democrats. They are not switching their party affiliations. I am sure most of them, if not all of them, respect former Vice President Biden as a person, as a statesman, but they are not going to be changing their party affiliation.”

If you vote for Biden, you might as well be a Democrat. What the country is going to get is the radical left in charge of America.

Woodruff asked Brooks “Can that be effective, if it is built on an anti-Trump message, to get back to what you said a moment ago? It is not a pro-Biden message. It's an anti-Donald Trump message.”

Brooks said “Yes. And I think, for a lot of people, that's enough for right now. (Laughter) People like Biden…right now, that seems to be enough.”


BROOKS:  I had a lunch with a Republican senator a couple years ago now. And he ran. He was up in 2016. And he said, what was interesting about my rallies in 2016, he said, I didn't know any of these people, that they were not the Republicans I had known in my state all of my life.

There was a new group that came in and took over. It was a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. And the people in the Jefferson Project, and people in the Bush campaign, are conservatives. Trump is not a conservative. He is an anti-leftist. And there is a difference.

And so, if you are a Bush person, say, and a lot of the Jefferson Project people are McCain people, you served a man of character. You sort of believe in America's expansive role in the world. You believe in immigration.

What the Trump party offers you is neither character nor good policy. And so for a lot of people, I am surprised it has taken them this long. This is a clear choice, that they need to change, and they are willing to give up on judges and some of the other issues they care about just for the moral health of the country.

Did you ever notice the people pushing the "moral health of the country" are secular politicos who were fully supportive of Team Obama's suppression of religious liberty and will be going back for more? 

It's always rich for David Brooks -- after marrying his much younger co-worker -- is going to say he represents "moral health" when he marries and divorces just like Trump.

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