Mark Levin Rips Snarky, Insulting NPR as 'Agenda-Driven Pathetic Joke' News Operation

April 3rd, 2020 1:16 PM

NPR media reporter David Folkenflik singled out conservative talk-radio star Mark Levin for coronavirus mockery at the end of an April 1 story on All Things Considered on Dr. Anthony Fauci making the rounds of all kinds of interviews -- not just Fox News, but "CBS, NPR, Telemundo, Science magazine, Barstool Sports, Desus & Mero on Showtime." But NPR hates Fox, so Folkenflik ended with snark about a 15-word sentence by Levin:

FOLKENFLIK: Fauci has taken to Fox News at least 15 times, trying to reach an audience that has been told by many of its stars to doubt the peril posed by the virus. Fox's Mark Levin recently praised Fauci after interviewing him, yet subsequently still tried to discredit concerns over the disease.

MARK LEVIN: I cannot find anywhere the definition of what it means to die from this virus.

FOLKENFLIK: Sounds like the nation's leading infectious disease doctor may have a few more rounds to make. David Folkenflik, NPR News.

How on Earth does the listener know that quote's in context? Surely, he borrowed a clip from his favorite left-wing media watchdogs. All things were not considered.

Levin responded on Twitter: 

This is not a new tactic for Folkenflik, as he mocked Fox (and defended CNN) on All Things Considered on December 19, 2019: 

FOLKENFLIK: Even as the [impeachment] vote was being tallied last night, Fox News's Carlson sounded off against CNN's reporters.

TUCKER CARLSON: Did you just hear that? Imagine doing that. Imagine reading a political party's talking points verbatim every day of the year and pretending that it's news.

FOLKENFLIK: Imagine. David Folkenflik, NPR News.

It's also not new for Folkenflik to speak ill of Levin. On Morning Edition on October 3, 2019, Folkenflik discussed how Trump uses pro-Trump media outlets to defend himself from the impeachment crusade: 

FOLKENFLIK: Trump obsessed over an exchange on Fox & Friends this weekend in ways that revealed the depths of his contempt for anyone who would question his conduct in office. The show's guest was Mark Levin, a right-wing commentator from The Blaze [Like that's all he does??]. After a while, Fox News host Ed Henry asked about the substance of the impeachment allegations. Levin ran roughshod over Henry, insisting the focus be directed instead at the whistleblower who flagged concerns.

MARK LEVIN: Let me do it this way. I'm an American citizen. If this CIA operative ["whistleblower"] is going to be the guy that brings down my president, I want to know all about him.

FOLKENFLIK: Trump tweeted out video of the full interview and then retweeted fans trashing Fox News's Henry in starkly profane terms.

NPR simply can't imagine they might have sounded like Talking Points for Barack Obama, or Michelle Obama. 

Rewind: NPR loved Michelle Obama's book, but not Levin's latest, which they said was "full of bombast and bile."