Report: ABC's Sherri Shepherd Wants No Part of Her Surrogate Baby

July 8th, 2014 8:23 AM

Cue Michael Jackson singing "The kid is not my son." Sherri Shepherd is leaving ABC’s The View in the midst of a contentious divorce from her second husband Lamar Sally, and now the New York Daily News is passing along TMZ reports that Shepherd wants nothing to do with the surrogate baby (expected this month) that she and her husband planned.

TMZ says “she believes her estranged husband defrauded her into having the kid in the first place so he could get child support ... this according to multiple sources connected with the couple.” Shepherd and Sally just married in August of 2011.

The celebrity gossip site reported that Shepherd and Sally attempted in vitro fertilization, and when they failed, they tried a surrogate – but that the egg is not Shepherd’s. They say the 47-year-old Shepherd wants a judge to rule that she “has no parental rights or responsibilities,” including not to be granted custody or named as his parent.

Sheppard filed for divorce in New Jersey in May while Sally filed in California. According to TMZ, New Jersey courts “do not generally recognize surrogacy agreements,” whereas California courts do.

The ABC star was previously married to comedian Jeff Tarpley, father of her son Jeffrey, born in 2005. Shepherd has routinely offered mommy talk about Jeffrey over her seven years on the show. This latest report certainly makes her sound less maternal and more like a rich celebrity protecting her cash.

As elaborated:

This story demonstrates one of the problems with in-vitro fertilization. The first problem for the pro-life movement is that the surrogate mother or the egg donor could decide they no longer want to carry the pregnancy to term and decide to terminate the unborn child’s life in an abortion.

But the second problem is in this type of situation where the egg donor changes her mind about the child. Then questions crop up about who will raise the child and whether the baby will have to be put up for adoption or placed in the foster care system — something that is less likely to happen in a natural pregnancy situation.

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