Ron Paul Fans Refuse to Vote Romney

August 27th, 2012 10:57 PM

Of all the Monday newspaper reports on the Ron Paul rally in Tampa Sunday, Peter Nicholas of The Wall Street Journal best captured the fanatic nature of Paul's followers. Many said they would not vote for Romney this fall.

Take "Eric Hogan, 28, of Pennsylvania, who wore a T-shirt that read 'My President Is Paul,'  said he wouldn't vote for Romney or Obama because "the will of the people is not being heard." Which people? Do these people read the election results as Paul lost in state after state? Then came Bill Detzner, 58, of Miami:

"I think he's going to start a war with Iran. He could get us into World War III. He's not going to end the Fed. There's nothing he's for that I can support." [Emphasis mine]

Can it be any clearer that Ron Paul fans are so committed to "President Paul" that they see Romney and Obama as political twins, and that Romney has nothing to offer someone who wants more freedom in America?

Nicholas added "The Federal Reserve came in for visceral abuse at the Paul rally. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke got more boos from the audience than did President Obama. (Also booed were conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, and various Fox News correspondents...)"