Daily Kos: Conservatives Should Leave Obama's America, Move to Somalia

January 27th, 2012 7:43 AM

Liberals have always cartooned conservatives as the ones who would say "America, love it or leave it." But with Barack Obama in the White House, they want the Obama critics to go back to Africa. Or at least that's what "Hunter" wrote on the Daily Kos on Wednesday night.

"This won't be a particularly insightful post, mainly because I'm just tired of these people and wish they would go away, or secede,' he wrote. Although it was one long run-on sentence: "...or whatever it is they need to do to separate themselves from the rest of modern society and live out their lily-white no-immigrant no-Muslims no-athiests [sic] no-gay-people no-liberals no-moderates no-funny-dressers Talibanesque fantasies about how a country should be run (tip: land in Somalia is very, very cheap these days)." The target was Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback:

I'm often convinced that far-right conservative political leaders are not so much interested in the "governing" part as they are in some secret back-room wager on who can be the biggest public jackass, the most often, and on the most issues. Nobody could blame you if you put money down on Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback in a bet like that: After all, the extreme and impressive degree to which he sucks is legendary even among Kansas schoolchildren.

Someday there is going to be a statue of him in the Kansas capitol, and on the bottom will be a dedication to a great man who proved that while anyone can be a jackass, it takes true commitment to become the greatest jackass, someone known for their numerous prejudices, thin-skinnedness, nearly sociopathic lack of compassion, and so many other things that the bottom of the plaque will simply have an asterisk and a note on the bottom to check Wikipedia if you want to know more about Sam Brownback, who dedicated his life to competing for the title of History's Greatest Jackass.

Hunter's beef is that Gov. Brownback has devoted himself to repealing archaic laws, but has not done so for sodomy, even though the law was overruled by the Supreme Court in the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision:

You would think if there was an "outdated" law ready-made for Brownback's Office of the Repealer to haul off and repeal already, it would be one that cannot actually be acted upon.

In normal circumstances that would be true, but normal circumstances do not take into account that Sam Brownback is competing for History's Greatest Jackass, nor that, like most of his contemporary far-right Republicans, he has absolutely no issue with passing, enforcing and/or keeping-on-the-books laws that are anti-constitutional but nonetheless make him feel good or pander to the right crowd. The Constitution is something to carry in your pocket, not something to actually govern by, after all. That would be silly!

Hunter cracked: "Who knows: Maybe Christian Sharia will finally be implemented in America, and then those laws will be just fine again!"