Dan Rather in the Bush Building? Katie Couric As Beaver's Mom?

June 18th, 2007 7:48 PM

AP's David Bauder interviewed disgraced Bush-hating ex-CBS anchor Dan Rather, and includes this fun fact about his current HDNet digs: "Two former CBS News producers run the 'Dan Rather Reports' staff with their boss. Their office a few steps away from Times Square -- Rather critics will love this -- is located in the Bush Building."

At Human Events, Chris Plante has a funny take on CBS's answers to Dan Rather's attack on soft-soap Katie Couric and the supposed sexism that's causing her low ratings:

Maybe if Katie delivered the news in a white, embroidered apron from a studio decorated like a 1950’s kitchen we’d all tune in. She could open the broadcast with a nicely browned turkey on a platter, placing it gingerly on a French country table with lace doilies and then spend 30 minutes lying to us. The CBS Evening News with Barbara Billingsley.

In the mind of the American liberal, (read: news executive) their decisions and their world-view are necessarily "correct." They are without flaw. They are infallible. Their decision to put Couric in "the chair" was a brilliant decision, and it was a feminist decision. Therefore, if the public fails to flock to Couric’s turned heel in the hope of touching the hem of her garment, there can only be one explanation. Americans in "the fly-over states" are not as enlightened as the Manhattan media magnates who convey their version of "the truth" to America every night.

If Couric were "a person of color" and the ratings didn’t roll in, then Americans invariably would be labeled as "racist."