ABC's Sam Donaldson to Host Brady Campaign Gun Control Fundraiser

April 28th, 2007 6:42 AM

Cam Edwards at tipped me Friday night: The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence will have another $250-a-plate fundraiser in Washington on May 15, like their 2005 event at the French Embassy celebrating the 80th birthday of liberal political humorist Art Buchwald (one major toastmaster was CBS News legend Mike Wallace).

An ad on the Brady Campaign home page for this year’s "Stand Up For A Safe America" fundraiser (honoring Democratic Rep. Rahm Emanuel) shows this year’s Master of Ceremonies is ABC News legend Sam Donaldson. Sam just wisecracked on This Week that gun owners have their weapons "to shoot the paperboy and the relative coming home late at night."

Sam is still an employee of ABC News, hosting the daily program "Politics Live" for ABC News Now, a digital network, with a "Stump Sam" feature. I'm stumped as to why Sam Donaldson thinks this doesn't create a partisan image for ABC, but ABC must have given him the okay.

Let's stump Sam with one of the dumbest weapon-control media quotes ever. It's so dumb that I still remember it, and it's very dated. It's from 1990. But it made me wonder if we'd have a National Knife Association soon:

"The slaying, and those that preceded it and will follow it, certainly will intensify cries for more police and harsher penalties for criminals. But as long as the type of knife used to kill Watkins is sold in half of the variety stores in Times Square, it will be difficult to recruit enough police to erase this crime wave." -- Washington Post reporter Michael Specter on the stabbing of a Utah man in New York, September 6, 1990.