73-Year-Old Larry King Suggests McCain Too Old to Be President

April 26th, 2007 12:30 PM

Laura Ingraham made great fun on her radio show Thursday morning of Larry King's CNN interview with John McCain on Wednesday night. The 73-year-old talk show host suggested that McCain was too old to be president for more than one term. Ingraham joked that King looks like "a skull with suspenders," and he's undermining McCain's vitality:

JOHN MCCAIN: Can I mention that -- that hike around the rim of the Grand Canyon, it was wonderful. It was exhilarating. It almost killed me.

KING: Don't do it again. How old are you, Senator?

JOHN MCCAIN: We're going to do it again.

KING: How old are you now?

JOHN MCCAIN: Seventy. I'll be 71.

KING: Does that mean if elected, this is a one term presidency?

McCain didn't take a position on how many terms he would serve. But King recently told Jacques Steinberg of the New York Times "he hopes to hold forth on Larry King Live for 10 more years. At that time he would be 83. His current contract, which he says he will soon seek to extend, expires in 2009."

Laura was on a roll, also making fun of the Barbara Walters diva act against President Bush, as she and her "personal assistant Monica" had to wait around to cross the street. She wondered how much work it would be for a personal assistant to walk around with all those lens filters and "spackle" to make Barbara look younger.