CNN's Jack Cafferty Honored In Stephanie Miller Radio Interview

June 20th, 2006 10:18 AM

CNN commentator Jack Cafferty appeared for a phone interview on the leftist Stephanie Miller show on Tuesday (9:30 AM D.C. radio time), as Miller oozed over how much she loved his "anti-Bush administration rants" and joked that the country needs "President Jack Cafferty." When the show's impressionist, Jim Ward, started doing a rather underwhelming Wolf Blitzer impression, suggesting Blitzer thinks President Bush is on a historical plane with Churchill and Abe Lincoln, Cafferty was self-deprecating about their on-air relationship, saying something like (paraphrasing): "Wolf comes from a more traditional news background," so it's odd for Blitzer to sit next to a "fringe lunatic" like him.

Miller mentioned several times how Cafferty is on her "future husbands list," and asked Cafferty for his take on the two soldiers found killed in Iraq today. He said there was not much to say, it's "horrible," and then sounded a lot like a Murtha: it's "time to get the Hell out of there...pack up and come home. Enough already." He claimed he was "not a peacenik," but the war "just reeks" and has "no upside" for America.

Cafferty was more conservative on immigration and mocked the "mutants" we've elected and included a swipe, without names or party labels, at Patrick Kennedy, Bill Jefferson, and Cynthia McKinney. His take on our democracy was a predictable mix of Perot and McCain, that we're dominated by K Street lobbyists and need term limits and more "campaign finance reform." That's probably why Miller likes to jokingly call him the "crusty old CNN coot."