Howard Dean, Madeleine Albright Headline N.Y Times Magazine Event

May 5th, 2006 10:28 AM

As if you needed more proof that the New York Times is a newspaper for liberal Democrats, by liberal Democrats, their "TimesTalks" series continues on Sunday, June 4 with a "Sunday With The Magazine" event. In a colorful full-page ad on the back of the B section Friday, the Times promises "today's most authoritative leaders in important discussions about the way live now." It's one thing to guess the Times staffers are going to be liberal. There's one chat with Magazine "ethicist" Randy Cohen ("How We Think And Act"), and there's a panel of Times writers and contributors on "How We See The War In Iraq" (which could be subtitled: "As A Vietnam Sequel.") But the Democrats are officially on the docket in the "How We Govern" segment (with Howard Dean) and the "How We Save the World" segment (with Madeleine Albright). The ad boasts the two interviews:

-- At 2 pm: "Contributing writer Matt Bai interviews Governor Howard Dean of Vermont, head of the Democratic National Committee and founder of Democracy for America, on the future of the Democratic Party."

-- At 6 pm: "Magazine contributor James Traub interviews former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright."

Yesterday, the "save the world" guest was still anonymous in the ad. There's still room for one more anonymous guest to be a liberal.  For "How We Are Entertained -- Film," editor at large Lynn Hirschberg will interview "a leader from the entertainment industry, to be announced."