On VH-1, Elvis Costello Attacks "Wrong Wars," Katrina Devastation Was "Man-Made"

March 22nd, 2006 4:47 PM

VH-1 watchers enjoying the annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction concert Tuesday night received some perhaps unsurprising political commentary along with the music. When rock singer Elvis Costello came on stage to perform with New Orleans music legend Allan Touissant, he took a few shots at the Iraq War and the Bush administration's apparent inability to handle Hurricane Katrina because of that war:

I feel very lucky and very proud that music jumped to the aid of New Orleans back in September...But it’s a drop in the bucket for what is needed. There is a lot of things that I could say. I could say something like we are fighting the wrong wars in the wrong countries and not dealing with the people here that are living in this country that are not living right. You could call to account the people who have the audacity to blaspheme and say that Katrina was a judgment of God on the city of New Orleans. This is absolute nonsense because the devastation that followed Katrina was man-made, as we now know.

Is there a safer, more predictable retreat for an entertainer to make than the old saw that war is an unnecessary drain on resources that are supposed to be devoted to the needy?

(Hat tip to MRC's Michelle Humphrey, and to Matthew van de Crommert for the transcription.)