WashPost Tries to Handicap Conservatives in the Sports Section

August 25th, 2005 7:17 AM

The Washington Post is so committed to liberal bias that it can't even keep it out of the Sports section. The back page of Thursday's Sports is topped by an article on former EPA administrator Christie Todd Whitman, ostensibly about golf, but really about conservative Republican-bashing:

"The Republican Party has never been this narrow, litmus-test type party," claimed Whitman, who plays to a 14.8 handicap index. "We can disagree on an issue like choice or stem cell research and not be an enemy or a bad person. We need to get away from this approach that we see more and more today, that you can't be a good Republican if you don't believe certain things in a certain way." In her book, "It's My Party Too," which came out earlier this year, she was critical of the Bush administration for how it disengaged from the Kyoto accord on global warming. At the same time, Whitman, who served as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency until June 2003, praised President Bush for his efforts in other environmental areas...

In case you missed that important message about narrow-minded Republicans, it's also in the photo caption. Perhaps the Post wants to goose sales of the Whitman book, which drew liberal media hype at its introduction in January (see Matt Lauer here), but this morning lists at number 69,739 at Amazon.com.