Book Review: Jason Mattera Tackles Liberal Media Bias in 'Obama Zombies'

March 29th, 2010 5:12 PM

In Jason Mattera's new book "Obama Zombies" the Young America's Foundation media spokesman takes on, and takes down, the liberal machine that brainwashed a generation.

As the biggest and most influential cog in the liberal propaganda machine, Mattera hits the media in the very first chapter, chronicling the most egregious instances of bias from the 2008 campaign and the impact they had on young people.

The book hits many forms of media bias that NewsBusters chronicles here on a daily basis. It outlines how often the revolving door between major media outlets and the Obama administration has spun over the two years. It goes on to expose how the media treated Obama with kid gloves. However, the major focus in "Obama Zombies" is a take down of the media's own slobbering zombie-ism.

From the merely favorable to the downright worshipful to the disturbingly erotic, Mattera reinforces the observations made by the Media Research Center. As to the latter, the book's catalog of sexual exultation perpetrated by our media in reaction to Barack Obama will make even seasoned readers of this blog blush. And while Mattera notes that the media has been hitting on, to put it lightly, their favorite liberals for years, the liberal media's infatuation was never so open, blatant, and unabashed as with Barack Obama in 2008.

"Obama Zombies" specifically calls out many reporters. It slams NBC's Lee Cowan who openly admitted they had a hard time not drinking the Obama "kool-aid". It smacks the Washington Post's Eli Saslow who gushed over Obama's "chiseled pectorals" and "toned" body. And it shames the several reporters who literally oohed and ahhed when they saw Obama in jeans.

Mattera's new book is a necessary weapon in the war against liberal media bias. It provides an incredible overview of how the liberal media works and how it affects young voters. The book is a must-read for any NewsBusters fan and anyone who cares about the future of young people in our country.