Media Distorts Mood of Values Voters

September 25th, 2006 10:12 PM

Have you heard that conservatives and Christians involved as part of the radical extreme Christian Right who met over the weekend in Washington DC for the Family Research Council’s Action meeting aptly called The Washington Briefing are in a dire state of distress, depression, despair and despondency? I was shocked as I read through tons of articles from some of the 100 media who attended the briefing.

MSNBC states that the speakers of the briefing, “… expressed scepticism [sic] about what their engagement in 2004 had delivered.” Since Tony Perkins stated that, “I don't think enthusiasm is as strong as 2004," that means, according to the liberals, that the world has crashed and burned for conservatives who voted for President Bush.

Numerous articles also discuss the candid comments that Dr. Dobson made during a panel discussion on Friday morning where he clearly stated that he was disappointed and frustrated by the lack of action from the Republicans and those conservatives put in office during the elections. Values voters voted for those chosen because they expected those being voted for to pursue the values agenda. When elected officials fail to keep their word and commitment to those who put them in office, it is only natural for the voters to feel discouraged and frustrated.

However, one would think based on all the articles written about this outstanding event that depression, frustration, disappointment and hanging on barely to our enthusiasm was the main theme of the event. Wrong.

The main theme of the event was to “rally the troops”. And this attendee didn’t fly almost 3000 miles across the country because I was discouraged by the failed commitments of the politicians or President elected to office. I decided to attend the Washington Briefing because it is good to be with people of the same mind and spirit. In fact, we are called, as Christians to encourage one another and to build one another up. This is exactly what this conference was about.

I left the event full of excitement and vigor and with a deeper and more profound love for all of those involved in the real pro-family conservative movement. To think that Dr. James Dobson, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Paul Weyrich, Maggie Gallagher, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and so many others have been working diligently on the frontlines of the family culture war for years is amazing. These men and women have put their faith into action and many have paid the price by being beaten and battered by the liberal media who have no clue what love for others is like because they are so beholden to their worldview of self-centeredness.

I realized what an awesome heritage these men and women have carved out for my generation. And I left truly humbled by the fact that I have the privilege to walk where many of them have walked.

People like Dr. James Dobson who had a burden for children and families have paved the way for the nation and the world to become educated about healing the broken hearted and the broken families out there. And he did it by taking a step of faith and caring about others before himself.

Since none of us will live on forever, this attendee understands that my generation and those that follow, will have to pick up the mantle and carry it strong. This is not a task for the fainthearted or for those who weary easily. Battling a culture that is set on destroying everything traditional from the definition of marriage to what is considered normal sexually is not an easy task, for we live in an era when good is called evil and evil is called good.

If the majority of the media that actually attended the event and didn’t have an agenda of their own to write negative hit pieces about the event even before they attended could’ve gotten outside of their self-centeredness, then they would be able to see that this whole movement about values and how Christians and conservatives vote is about others and not the self centered “me-generation” that so many of them are a part of.

I speak as a child of parents who were into themselves, and I know personally the destruction of family through divorce, abuse and immorality that this mentality is based on. The focus of values voters is to bring healing, restoration and hope to those who have been the victims of the others egocentric world.

Ladies and gentlemen in the media, here’s a newsflash for you, get a pen and write this down – “Everything isn’t about YOU”. There are children to be fought for. There are hearts to heal because parents divorce and disregard the impact on their families. There are traditional standards and definitions of marriage that need to be in place, like one man and one woman being the definition of marriage, lest the next generation die out.

The truth about this Family Research Council Action event is that the attendees were not downhearted, discouraged or sitting in the corner nursing a vodka or licking their wounds. To the contrary, people were excited that this was the largest event the Family Research Council Action has ever brought together to rally the troops to continue the fight for good. People were laughing, smiling and having a genuinely good time. But then again, if the liberal media reported that, they might just have to acknowledge they are losing the culture war and that in a short time things like a ban on  abortion and traditional marriage will be signed into law and protected by law, which as we know is the liberals worst nightmare.