Nebraska Judge Denies Jail to Sex Offender Because He's Too Short

May 26th, 2006 12:20 PM

In an astounding ruling by a Nebraska District Judge Kristine Cecava,  a child sex offender is given ten years of probation instead of jail time.  The reason - the judge believes that the child sex offender is too short for prison!

Convicted child sex offender, Richard W. Thompson, is reported to be only a 5-foot-1 man and the judge fears that he will not be safe in prison.

This is just another outrageous example of a judge who has lost all common sense.  Did the judge consider the height of the child who Richard W. Thompson violated sexually?  Apparently, not!

Instead, once again, an innocent child of sexual abuse is denied true justice because a demented judge has more regard for the safety of the predator. 

District Judge Kristine Cecava also decided that Thompson would only be electronically monitored for the first four months of his ten year probation, and she  told the child predator  to stay away from using pornography and contacting under age children.

According to a biography of Judge Cecava she is one of eight female District Court Judges in the state of Nebraska. She received her law degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1976 where she was a member of the Law Review and received the Order of the Coif.

She has served in a variety of positions including Country Attorney and County Judge prior to her appointment as District Court Judge in 1999 and was president of the Nebraska County Judges Association in 1996. Her professional involvement has included the Nebraska Commission for the Protection of Children, the Supreme Court Gender Fairness Task Force, the Rural Resources Task Force, the NSBA Indigent Defense Task Force and the CSA/NSBA Special Committee to Review Nebraska Juvenile Codes.

Maybe the Judge would like to start a new commission to serve on for the equality of short children who survive the sexual abuse of sexual predators.  Bill O'Reilly, I believe we have another judge for you to go after.

Note: A picture of the child predator can be found at this page on the USA Today website.