Media Ignores Family Research Council Invasion by AIDS Activists

November 8th, 2005 5:27 PM

Remember how the mainstream media was so quick to jump all over the story when Pat Robertson called for the assassination of President Hugo Chavez? How could anyone forget that, after all it was front page news for almost a week.

Yet when AIDS activists invade the Family Research Council yesterday, Monday, November 7, the mainstream media is totally silent on the event, with the exception of one small story from the Associated Press.

The Associated Press reported that a dozen AIDS activists were arrested after invading a Christian organization's Washington headquarters and chaining themselves to objects in the lobby."

And if you just read this small blurb about the incident you might think that there were only a few AIDS activists who invaded the Family Research Council. The truth is according to Family News in Focus there were about 50 AIDS activists who stormed the main floor at the Family Research Council.

A group of about 50 AIDS activists stormed into the Family Research Council lobby in Washington, D.C. yesterday and marched in circles wearing full-body condoms and chanting “This is What Democracy Looks Like.” Charles King, a homosexual activist and chairman of a group called the Campaign to End AIDS, led the protesters.

Why were the homosexual AIDS activists protesting and disrupting the work at the Family Research Council? Answer: FRC supports abstinence, pure and simple.

Why is the mainstream media ignoring the fact that the homosexual activists continue to use intimidation towards those they disagree with? If it were a group of Christians who forced their way into an ACT UP meeting the media would be all over it.

For other instances where the media has missed the facts about homosexual intimidation read about how a few days ago Boston homosexual activists harass and intimidate the Focus on the Family Love Won Out conference.