Time Magazine: The Battle With the Facts Over Gay Teens in America

October 6th, 2005 2:03 PM

Time Magazine’s cover story for this week is called The Battle Over Gay Teens, however when one takes a few moments to examine the contents of this verbose six-page article the author, John Cloud, really is talking about the promotion and acceptance of gay teens in America.The unbelievable bias for the promotion of gay teens is absolutely amazing despite the fact that Cloud attempts to cite a few conservative or Christian viewpoints.

Here are a few blatant examples of bias that Cloud cites…

Cloud cites statistics taken from a book titled The New Gay Teenager, a book by Harvard University Press – a well known liberal publisher.  Cloud also cites statistics from Berkeley, UCLA, The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network which all hold an obvious liberal viewpoint.  (None are described as liberal.) Totally absent from his research are statistics from any well known conservative and/or Christian organizations.

Another unbelievable distortion  that Cloud cites is that, “It’s important to note that nearly all mental-health professionals agree that trying to reject one’s homosexual impulses will usually be fruitless and depressing – and can lead to suicide, according to Dr. Jack Drescher of the American Psychiatric Association…”

The fact is that Dr. Jack Drescher does not speak for all mental health professionals and to say blatantly that all mental health professionals agree that trying to reject one’s homosexual impulses is fruitless is frankly untrue. Maybe John Cloud isn’t aware that there is a Christian organization for mental health professionals called The American Association of Christian Counselors that  undoubtedly have mental health professionals that disagree with Dr. Drescher’s statements.  Maybe Cloud is unaware of the work of Dr. Warren Throckmorton who has done extensive research in the area of overcoming homosexuality, including producing a DVD called I Do Exist about those who have left homosexuality.  Or maybe Cloud just wants the public to believe that everyone in the world thinks promoting homosexuality to gay teens is acceptable.

Another example of bias against those who believe that homosexuality can be changed and is not an acceptable behavior is the denial of the conservative nonprofit group called Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX), by the PTA in setting up an exhibit at one of their PTA conferences.  The PTA denied the exhibit based on a perceived belief that PFOX had an “agenda”, and yet the PTA allowed a pro-gay organization called PFLAG – Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.  The very denial of equal access is evidence of bias against those who choose not to be gay. (Cloud does report this snub in his PFOX paragraphs.)

And also a special note concerning the linkage on the Time magazine website.  Time conveniently linked all the gay organizations, but did not link any of the conservative ones in the article.  Bias?  Yeah...

The article becomes more troubling as you read about a retreat that the liberal and pro-gay Point Foundation gave in Harbor Springs/>, Michigan/>/>.  Thirty eight students were given the following in a gift bag at this retreat,  

A 9½-oz. jar of American Spoon Sour Cherry Preserves, a  Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash camera, a  small tin of Trendy Mints from Henri Bendel, New York City , and a  DVD of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," a 2001 film in which a teenage boy is masturbated by an adult, The Harbor Springs Visitors Guide, and The Aug. 16 issue of the gay magazine the Advocate, whose cover featured a shirtless man and blared, SUMMER SEX ISSUE.

Cloud makes sure to cite that there was one 17 year old at this retreat who received this R rated DVD that promotes adult-child sex and transsexuality.

Which raises an interesting question – why is it okay to tell gay teenagers it’s okay to have sex with adults, but our society has laws protecting children and teens from adults having sex with them?  Remember – adults and children having sex together is a criminal act in this country, and yet the promotion of gay teens is allowing for this deviant and criminal allowance.  Why?

Time magazine has failed miserably with this week's cover story. The bias and support of child-adult sex is unacceptable, the denial of the facts from a conservative viewpoint is unacceptable and the denial and dismissal of the possibility of successful ex-gays is unacceptable. John Cloud, try again.

 (Article update as of October 7th)

According to a news article on Agape Press the author of this Time Magazine article is a homosexual.  This explains the obvious bias in this article.  Read more here.