Boston Globe/Slate Freelancer: 'It Would Be Funny If All Gun Rights People Got Shot Dead'

July 24th, 2015 12:06 PM

Following the tragic Lafayette shooting last night, Boston Globe and Slate freelancer Luke O’Neil took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter. Liberals like O’Neil believe that simply banning guns will make them magically go away, along with all the violence committed by gun-carrying criminals. But before all the firearms evaporate, this liberal freelancer would enjoy seeing something else happen first: the mass murder of all 2nd amendment supporters.

Of course this tweet set off a firestorm of both support and opposition, which O’Neil addressed with the usual grace you’d expect from a liberal activist:

This tweet was aimed at Stephen Miller, an independent conservative blogger. He summed up the twitter firestorm with one perfect response:

Luke O’Neil exhibits traditional liberal tolerance at it’s finest. It remains to be seen if The Boston Globe or the rest of his media outlets hold him responsible for these death-wishes. Although one thing is certain: if O’Neil were a conservative writer, he would already be banned from journalism for life.