He’s Just LYING Now: Chuck Todd Denies ‘Editorial Point of View’ on MSNBC Daytime

July 16th, 2020 2:59 PM

Sometimes you have to question the point of a lie that is so obviously, totally, demonstrably false. Chuck Todd uttered such an example on Wednesday, ridiculously insisting that MSNBC, a network that has opposed everything Donald Trump has done since becoming president, has no “editorial point of view” during the daytime.

Todd’s comments came after Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtagh called out the bias and spin coming from MSNBC. After the interview, Todd huffed, “Reminder for what it's worth, no editorial point of view here on any of these newscasts on MSNBC in the daytime.”



That’s obviously untrue and is proven false on a daily basis on MSNBC. Take a look at just two examples on Wednesday (the same day Todd made his assertion). Willie Geist, a MSNBC host and the anchor of Sunday’s Today --- in other words, a so-called serious journalist --- actually insisted that Joe Biden is some sort of moderate:

They're trying to put Joe Biden in the same category with members of Congress who are Progressive boogie men and women that they've been using now for a couple years. The label doesn't fit. Donald Trump knows that, on Joe Biden that he's a wild leftist, that he's a tool of the radical left. So instead, you get what we saw yesterday, which is this kind of hodgepodge, this mash-up of incoherent attacks on Joe Biden and not really a frame that he can use going into November.

Biden, a man who has been liberal since the day he joined the Senate in 1973, is a moderate? No editorial point of view on MSNBC?

Later on MSNBC, gun control activist Shannon Watts appeared on MSNBC Live and told host Stephanie Ruhle: “Honestly, It seems like the only American troops that Donald Trump cares about are the Confederate troops.” Presumably a straight-shooting journalist would call out that statement or ask for proof. Ruhle’s response? “My goodness. All right, Shannon, thank you so much for joining me this morning. I really appreciate it.”

On June 16, MSNBC daytime host Andrea Mitchell abruptly cut off a Trump speech, dismissing it as a "campaign rally." They cover such events for Biden.

No editorial point of view on MSNBC?

As for Todd himself, this is the same guy who taunted Trump on corona by saying of the President: “You reap what you sow.” (There's also the problem of Todd and NBC hiding or downplaying his wife’s donations to Democrats and her firm getting millions from Bernie Sanders.)

And those are just recent examples. For more instances of Todd’s VERY clear bias, see this round-up by the MRC’s Geoffrey Dickens.

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Here’s Chuck Todd’s comment in full from Wednesday:



2:53 PM ET 

CHUCK TODD: We'll have the brand-new NBC news/wall street journal poll at 5:00 P.M. On meet the press daily. Reminder for what it's worth, no editorial point of view here on any of these newscasts on MSNBC in the daytime.