The NewsBusters Weekly Recap: August 12th to 18th

August 18th, 2006 3:05 PM

Editors' note: This post is the beginning of a new NB feature, the weekly recap, a way of summarizing some of the hottest and most-read postings for the week.

It has been quite a diverse week in bias. Newsbusters Executive Editor Matthew Sheffield noted that a popular cartoonist took a racist swipe at Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, portraying him as the slave of colleague Antonin Scalia.

The MRC's Tim Graham covered every aspect of "The Washington Post" and their effort to sink Senator George Allen with "Macaca-gate." You can read more here and here. And for a theory about their excessive coverage, click here.

Regarding the war on terror, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann wondered if the recent arrests in London were timed for political reasons.

The MRC’s Brent Bozell observed that the mainstream media, rather then use the word liberal, often labels Democratic Senatorial candidate Ned Lamont "anti war." (Who is supposed to be pro-war?) Plus:

On August 15, "Washington Post" Pentagon correspondent Thomas Ricks complained to Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart that the media has actually been "too easy" in their coverage of the Iraq war. Too easy?

Plus, this week brought more examples of the media's tendency towards slanting coverage of the Israel/Hezbollah conflict.

Finally, on August 16, "The Washington Post" took a sympathetic look at the "growing trend" of dumpster diving.