Belafonte: U.S. Troops "Murder People" and Bin Laden Is Innocent?

February 28th, 2006 2:51 PM

Harry Belafonte spoke at the State of the Black Union on February 25. The event, which took place in Houston, saw Mr. Belafonte provide this definition of terror. He opined:

"Sending young men and young women, sons and daughters from America, to murder people in other nations is an act of terror."

The aging pop singer also wondered aloud whether Osama bin Laden was, in fact, guilty of masterminding the terrorist attacks of 9/11 (Click here to see the entire speech. Belafonte’s more incendiary comments begin at the one hour and 17 minute mark.)

"So, I say, let us redefine terrorism. It is not just bin Laden sitting in Afghanistan, if it is in fact he who did what they said he did."

This, despite the fact that bin Laden has admitted his role in the planning the events of that day. Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media ignored this story. Belafonte’s comments were covered on Fox News. However, according to MRC analysts Mike Rule, Geoff Dickens and Brian Boyd, the speech was ignored by Today, Good Morning America and the Early Show. Contrast this with the coverage of Pat Robertson’s comments about Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The singer expanded on his belief that Bush is "the greatest terrorist in the world." 

"I have said, George W. Bush is a terrorist. I did not say that to be a name caller. I did not say that to step out and, quote un quote, disrespect the office of the presidency. I said that because I see we have not taken charge of how we define our subjugation. We are living in terrorism as black people in America. And it has been that way since the dawning of slavery....If we are having problems with finding our own inner souls and dignity to live out a life that is honorable, what is it that has put us in this position? We didn’t volunteer for it. And those who have put us here and chosen to keep us here are people who deal in terror."

Finally, speaking of Latin America, he implored the crowd to focus on the real villain. He commented, "Let us make an alliance and go after the common enemy which is capitalism in America, in the hands of imperial tyrants." No wonder the media didn’t want to cover his speech.