'Law and Order' Pushes For Gay Marriage

May 11th, 2010 3:47 PM

NBC’s “Law and Order” has been known to promote a liberal agenda and the May 10 episode was no exception. “The Taxman Cometh” followed the New York City detectives as they tried to prove that three wealthy families purposely allowed an ailing member of their family to die during 2010, since the inheritance tax isn’t in effect. But the twisted plotline included blatant support for gay marriage.

Catherine Douglas was one heir who allowed her wealthy father, Henry, to die in 2010 through the help of an accountant who sent the dying family members to an alternative medicine clinic. As part of their investigation, the detectives questioned Amber Green, who was Douglas’ ex-partner.

It was discovered, however, that Douglas had secretly adopted Green as a daughter as a way to gain certain legal rights for their relationship. Green explained, “We were together for a long time. Before gay marriage existed, a lot of gay partners adopted each other to get family rights.”

To complicate matters, it was later revealed that Green was pregnant with Douglas’ embryo. And since Douglas would most likely go to jail, the inheritance money would then go to Douglas’ closest kin: her “daughter.”

Since the adoption was a fraud anyway, the detectives decided to get it annulled. The annulment, however, was nothing more than a push for gay marriage. In the meeting, Douglas’ lawyer asserted that, “My client is here to protect the right of gay people to enter into family relationships.”

Green explained, “We couldn’t be spouses legally. At the time it was the only way we could be related.” Detective Cutter questioned, “But if you could have married Ms. Douglas you would have, wouldn’t you?”

Both Green and Douglas agreed they would have gotten married. Cutter explained that “the adoption was equivalent of marriage in all but the name and needs to be accompanied by the equivalent of divorce.”

The family court judge agreed and stated that the adoption was a “sham” and “one they were forced into by the state’s shameful failure to allow gay marriage, but a sham nonetheless.”

After invalidating the adoption, the judge said, “I will, however, take a further step. As Mr. Cutter has so eloquently argued, these two were essentially married. I see no reason why they shouldn’t be accorded the marital privilege.”

The ruling, however, didn’t sit well with the detectives and it went to the trial judge. During the hearing, it was apparent that all were in favor of gay marriage. The judge said that, “it is refreshing we are all on the same side of the moral issue” before ruling that spousal privilege didn’t apply.

In the end it all worked out. Douglas went to jail and Green was able to keep the baby. Except, of course, NBC probably is still disappointed that gay marriage is not legal everywhere.