Playboy TV or Fox News?

February 7th, 2013 3:19 PM

What's the correlation between Fox News and Playboy TV?

Well, on a relatively new online game show called Let's Ask America, web cam contestants were playfully asked which one would offend liberal parents more if they stumbled upon their teenage son watching one or the other. (video clip below; h/t email tipster John Heckman)

Intended to be one of the most simplistic, the second question of the game was worth $200.

Without much thought, three out of four participants presumed the vast majority of Democrats would be 'open-minded' enough to tolerate explicit pornography. Host Kevin Pereira was amused by the question, cracking jokes while asking for feedback. "You can't blame that teenage son, Bill O'Reilly is irresistible," he quipped. After the second straight vote for Fox News, Pereira snarked, "They can't have that 'fair and balanced' coverage in their life. Can't have that."

The third response belonged to a contestant named Mildred, who tried to rationalize her incorrect answer with some faulty psychology. "Thinking about teenagers and development, Playboy is rather natural (to a Democrat). Fox News is unnatural," she argued.

While it's obvious that the question was intended to be a joke and treated as such by the host, it's amazing that only one of the contestants would "go against the grain" in order to win a nice chunk of change and the lead.

Maybe Nick was thinking from an actual parent's perspective, instead of a purely ideological one.