Morning Joe's Debate Recap: Mika Brzezinski Colorfully Pronounces Biden 'Clear Winner'

October 12th, 2012 1:27 PM

In her analysis of the vice presidential debate on the October 12 edition of Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski showed disdain for Paul Ryan and utter adulation for Joe Biden's performance. She was alone in her wildly pro-Joe assessment.

As far as she was concerned, Biden utterly thrashed Ryan, and the liberal MSNBC co-host loved every minute of it: [ video below, MP3 audio available here ]

I think Biden just completely trounced him. Ate him for dinner and then spit him out on the table like a little shriveled piece of something. I don't know what. I mean, seriously-- it's kind of clear to me.

To his credit, Joe Scarborough called her out on this statement -- wondering what exactly she had watched the previous night. "I didn't see that," he said. After Willie Geist's interruption, Scarborough continued:

Hold on. That's just nonsense. What's wrong with you? I think Joe Biden did what he had to do for his base, and I think Paul Ryan did what he had to do for his base. I think Paul Ryan, and Mark McKinnon said it last night, Paul Ryan held serve when he had to hold serve. And Joe Biden went out and he was John McEnroe throwing the racket, fighting, screaming, yelling at the ref, proving he had heart.

Mark McKinnon disagreed with Brzezinski too, complimenting the young Republican from Wisconsin for holding his own in the debate against a seasoned veteran.

Ryan also did his job by making it clear that he is calm and competent and that he can hold the job and sit in the big chair. The question is what happened for those voters in the middle? I think in this case, most voters have an opinion. They've seen Joe Biden, but they hadn't seen Paul Ryan before. And I think they liked what they saw. It was reflected in the polls and shown in the research that people liked Ryan. They thought that he was competent, that he was calm, and that he could handle the job.

As Newsbusters has documented in the past, Brzezinski has made a habit out of sharing her divisive opinions on Morning Joe. Back in February, she attempted to defend President Obama’s apology for the accidental Koran burnings that set off riots in Afghanistan, equating his response to what a foreign leader would be required to do if his military inadvertently burned an American flag. No one agreed with her then either.