Bob Beckel Wrestles With the Past Tense of 'Tweet' - Loses Badly

February 18th, 2012 10:52 AM

What's the past tense of tweet?

Well, apparently if you're Bob Beckel it's a word that Bill Maher likes to use when describing women that are more successful than he'll ever be.

Beckel left the cast and crew of The Five in near tears when he let loose a phrase he certainly didn't mean to, in discussing the matter of Pat Buchanan and his suspension from MSNBC.  When comparing the Buchanan situation to another recent suspension - Roland Martin at CNN - Beckel offered this analysis:

"The black dude got suspended from CNN for saying something on Tweeter or twitter, whatever he calls it, twats, twits....  I'm sorry".

Never mind the fact that had the man sitting directly to his left, Eric Bolling, ever started a sentence with the words 'The Black Dude', liberals would have immediately called for his firing. Beckel will slide on that, no doubt.

That reality aside, the crew tried their best to save the segment, but Beckel couldn't quite recover.

Watch below: