Vile John Oliver: ‘Ted Cruz Can Lick My Scrote’

September 17th, 2019 8:25 AM

In case you’re not clear on it, John Oliver REALLY hates conservatives. And he’d rather be nasty than funny. On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, the HBO host, again, compared Ted Cruz to a certain part of the male anatomy.

Last week, he stated that Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, “can lick my balls.” This Sunday, he expanded our knowledge to include the word “scrote.”



The turn of phrase came when Oliver turned his attention to Donald Trump “and his allies,” who tell people that “in more reflective moments,” they actually claim there's “one kind of immigration they love: legal immigration.”

The comedian then showed a video of the President stating: “I want legal immigration. I want great people to come in. I want legal immigration!” After playing a clip of Cruz saying something similar, Oliver fumed, offering  a rhyming assault:

I do not like that man,Ted Cruz. I do not like him in the news. I do not like what he just said. I do not like his boxy head. I do not like him wearing glasses, I do not like him kissing asses. I wish he'd never get one vote. That man Ted Cruz can lick my scrote.

According to the, “scrote” is an abbreviated form of the word “scrotum." 

NewsBusters reported on September 9 that the comedian’s ongoing assault on Senator Cruz began last week, when he mocked the Texas Republican for taking part in a filibuster by reading to his children from the Doctor Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham.

At that point, Oliver stated:

I do not like that man Ted Cruz, I do not like his far-right views, I do not like his stupid chin, I do not like his smarmy grin, I do not like him with a beard, I do not like him freshly sheared, I do not like Ted Cruz at all, that man Ted Cruz can suck my balls.

Oliver is more interested in trashing "racist," "evil" conservatives than he is in being funny. For his worst examples, go here.