NY Times Columnist Claims 'No Difference' Between Trump and Weiner

August 31st, 2016 5:46 PM

Sometimes it seems that people who write editorials or columns for the mainstream media really have to struggle to come up with new and interesting topics to discuss. That seems to be the case with Frank Bruni, a New York Times columnist whose latest missive is entitled “Donald Trump's Irredeemable Twin.”

It may be hard to believe, but Bruni actually attempted to compare the Republican presidential candidate to Democrat Anthony Weiner, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives whose three scandals have involved “sexting” or sending explicit sexual material by cell phone.

According to an article posted on Wednesday by Trey Sanchez of the Truth Revolt website, “Bruni wasted 800 words desperately trying to compare Donald Trump and Anthony Weiner” with “logic stretched so thin it snapped like the waistband” of the scandal-prone Democrat's underwear.

When one thinks of the infidelities perpetrated by the husband of Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, it’s hard not to make a connection to Bill Clinton, especially since the two families are inextricably linked.

That connection deepens knowing the former two-timing president officiated at Weiner’s wedding.

“But as an employee of the nation’s top pro-Hillary paper, Bruni doesn’t connect those dots. No, to him, Weiner and Trump are one and the same,” Sanchez continued.

In his column, Bruni stated that “Trump is to his persevering supporters what Weiner was to his long-suffering wife: a scoundrel undeserving of so many second chances; a head case incapable of the redemption that’s supposedly just a few extra measures of discipline away; someone selling himself as a servant of the public although he’s really a slave to his own raging ego and unquenchable needs.”

“When Trump looks in the mirror, there’s a whole lot of Weiner staring back at him,” the Times columnist claimed.

“The details are tawdrier in Weiner’s case, and the stakes far smaller,” he added. “But both men are creatures of potent want and pure compulsion who lucked into forgiving audiences.”

“And like Abedin who announced she'd had enough, Bruni wonders how long Trump’s 'legions' will stand by their man,” Sanchez noted.

Bruni continued his “hit piece” by claiming Trump “is someone who once joked to Howard Stern -- on the air -- that his own Vietnam was the danger he courted as a libidinous man in an era of sexually transmitted diseases."

“This is someone who publicly drooled over his daughter, Ivanka, saying that he might date her if he hadn’t sired her,” the columnist added.

“Weiner sent strangers pictures of his bulge. Trump assured the viewers of a nationally televised debate that he was amply endowed,” Bruni stated. “These impulses -- these boasts -- aren’t unrelated.”

Bruni bizarrely concluded: “Have we constructed a politics with such bright, invasive lights that those who find it more attractive than repulsive include an unhealthy number of insecure exhibitionists out for affirmation above all else?”

Sanchez then asserted that the newspaper's readers “weren’t kind to Bruni’s leap of logic.”

“Bruni should mull over the fact that but for one mistaken keystroke on Weiner's phone when he accidentally made a 'sexting' tweet public, New York Democrats probably would have elected Weiner mayor,” one person posted.

“Would the Times and Bruni have backed him?” that individual asked. “No doubt, even though Weiner's unfitness for office, his obvious narcissism, incivility and phony tough guy act were abundantly clear without embarrassing pictures.”

Bruni's column “is simply silly,” another person asserted, a “ridiculous waste of time and ink. Gossip hiding behind privilege.”

According to the New York Times, “Trump is responsible for all our ills,” one respondent posted. “Now he is responsible for rabid Democratic stalwart Anthony Weiner! Give us a break! Time to denigrate Trump's wife while declaring every other politician's family off limits. Have you no shame?”

“While I'm no fan of Trump,” another person stated, “this piece is such a tortured stretch to try to paint Trump with the Weiner brush as to be irredeemable. The writer needs to stick to sensitive pieces about the LGBT community.”

Another poster indicated:

Mr. Bruni: What a nasty column, as you try to tie Weiner (Democrat) to your hated Republican (Trump).

If you want to trash (actually, expose, pun intended) a Democrat who continually cheated, preyed upon women and had a Lady Macbeth who covered for him, why does your article not even mention Bill Clinton?”

Sanchez concluded his article by stating: “At least someone was paying attention, proving some NYT readers are smarter than its contributors.”