Daily Show Creator Has Profane Meltdown Over Gutfeld Super Bowl 'King of Late Night' Ad

February 13th, 2023 3:45 PM

The jealousy just oozed out of The Daily Show creator, Lizz Winstead, when SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah brought up  the fact, albeit in a rather mocking way, that a new Super Bowl ad features Fox News Greg Gutfeld as the new "King of Late Night." Rather than be even the slightest bit gracious over the very true fact that Gutfeld leads in the late-night ratings for comedy, Winstead let loose with a barrage of very angry profanity.


DEAN OBEIDALLAH: And now Gutfeld's ratings, he could have a Super Bowl ad. I'm not kidding. Super Bowl Sunday touting him. Fox News is running "King of Late Night" Greg Gutfeld dressed like a king and technically he starts at 11 PM Eastern Time, it's half an hour earlier but he beat Colbert, Fallon, and Kimmel now consistently in the ratings. I don't think it's a fair comparison. I don't know one comic going "I hope I get on Gutfeld!"

...Lizz, you created The Daily Show. Is Greg Gutfeld's bullshit considered late night comedy show?

Okay, Obedeillah was mocking Gutfeld but at least he wasn't angry. That's in stark contrast to the profanely bitter (and obviously jealous) Lizz Winstead:

LIZZ WINSTEAD: Look, here's what I always say, he ain't funny to me but we see that there's an audience out there for shit like that. There's an audience out there for shit like Joe Rogan. There's an audience out there of fucking shitty people. Seventy million people voted for Trump, like Fox News. Those people are going to laugh at shit we think is fucked up. So you know, the bottom line is do I want them as my audience? No. I would never want to go on that show. It would never benefit me in any way. All that would happen was I'd try to be on there and you would just get trolls in your Twitter field from here to eternity.

So is he funny? Not to me. But he makes jokes about shit that I care about, which is gross. I think that whole situation is gross but there is a market for it. The bottom line is there is a market for it. You know what else I think is gross? Golden Corral.

You know what else is gross, Lizz? Your Daily Show ratings which are in the basement, which is why you have such rage against Greg Gutfeld who has overwhelmed your old TV show in the late-night ratings. 

The ad appeared on Fox seconds before 9 pm Eastern. You can see it here: