CNN's David Gergen: 'Dandy' Roger Stone Could Be Raped in Prison

February 20th, 2019 11:48 PM

Um...Who are you calling odd, David?

CNN senior political analyst David Gergen came up with a rather odd observation on Monday's Erin Burnett OutFront. Fortunately for Erin Burnett, she was not present when Gergen blurted out the example of his uncomfortable oddity. That "pleasure" was left to At This Hour host Kate Bolduan, who seemed to have an oddly uncomfortable moment as we shall see:



BOLDUAN: David, the President of the United States attacks judges and the judicial branch with relative regularity if they don't decide in his favor. We have seen this over and over again. So I guess on some level should anyone be surprised, this is a road that Roger Stone, his ally, his confidant, his advisor, longtime adviser wants to even wanted to walk down.

GERGEN: Well, you might think that he would consider it but you would never think he would do it because of this act of such utter stupidity. I mean, here he is soon to come before this female judge who is an Obama appointee who Paul Manafort, his friend, went before this judge, she threw the book at him. Paul Manafort could well die in jail. He's a crumpled man.

We've now heard harrowing tales about what's happening to him in prison and how his life has changed, how lonely and how depressed he is. He doesn't see his family. Roger Stone must also worry that if he goes there, he's seen as something of a dandy where he'd be physically safe. Would he be subject to rape, I mean, there must be a lot of things that are going through his mind.

What must be going through poor Kate's mind as she performed something of a wince while listening to Gergen's rape fantasy? Somehow, Gergen oddly continued:

"Oh, my God, what have I gotten myself into?" So in light of that how odd, how perfectly odd to even post this thing especially with that crosshairs which sent a signal to everybody and got people on the dark net just really got conspiracy theories rolling during the day, how odd he did this?

Somehow, Bolduan didn't feel compelled to stop this runaway train that was David Gergen. Because of that, viewers suffered the consequences because....THERE WAS MORE! The odds are that odd Gergen still has another odd left in him:

GERGEN: But the bigger question is why is it that the President of the United States, why is he over the years surrounded himself with so many odd people, many of whom are now heading for the slammer.

The slammer where the odd-obsessed Gergen somehow is in the know about the odds of rape. 

Then again, this followed CNN's The Lead host Jake Tapper chuckled while joking last month that Stone "might like" prison, perhaps CNN might want to ask both what's wrong with them and see about issuing apologies.