The Inevitable Phil Mudd Berserk Parody... With a Touch of Seinfeld

August 24th, 2018 7:18 PM

It was inevitable that CNN's counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd's bizarre meltdown on August 24 on the subject of security clearances would serve as the basis of a parody. The Ovation Eddie channel on YouTube did not disappoint. It incorporated clips of Seinfeld's George Costanza screaming interspersed with Mudd going berserk to great comedic effect.




Comedians Desus and Mero are due for yet another episode featuring the deranged Mudd going berserk last week. They previously featured him in an episode titled "Philip Mudd Racial Slur Almanac" in which CNN's counterterrorism analyst screamed out a series of racial epithets including the n-word twice in front of Don Lemon.