Agence France-Presse Reviews Play About Post-Trump Impeachment America

March 23rd, 2017 9:47 PM

Liberals are so far gone in their Trump Derangement Syndrome that they can't even wait for an impeachment of President Donald Trump to actually happen in real life. They now have to have their fantasy fulfilled in fiction. In this case it is in the form of a play, Building the Wall, and skips the actual impeachment by jumping to a post impeachment era in which people who worked for the Trump administration are put on trial. 

The interesting thing about the March 23 AFP (Agence France-Presse) play review is that it completely buys into the deranged liberal depiction of Trump right from the very first paragraph:

President Donald Trump's chest-thumping nationalism and harsh immigration policies are the subject of a new play depicting an apocalyptic America where stadiums are turned into prisons and people become sick, hungry and frightened.

"Building the Wall," which opened last weekend in Los Angeles, was written by Robert Schenkkan, a two-time Tony winner who co-wrote the screenplay for the Oscar-nominated movie "Hacksaw Ridge."

The play is set in the very near future, after the Trump administration makes good on a pledge to hunt down and arrest millions of unauthorized immigrants by imposing martial law. But things get horribly out of hand.

The crime rate drops? More jobs for Americans? Naw! Who am I kidding? Liberals don't think in these terms. They have an alternate reality in which enforcement of existing immigration laws is flat out evil as reflected in this TDS play:

Schenkkan told AFP that the play is a very personal response to what he sees happening in the United States and many other countries: a "nativist, anti-immigrant, right-wing and proto-fascist" movement.

Trump took power in January with a promise to deport millions of immigrants who are in the country illegally and build a wall along the border with Mexico. He started off by making it easier for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to arrest unauthorized migrants.

Schenkkan sees Trump as an authoritarian, and this is the central premise of the play. Along the way, the writer asks members of the audience to stretch their imagination to the very limit.

All 100 minutes of the play unfold in just one place and with only two characters.

Gloria, played by Judith Moreland, is an African American history professor and Rick -- Bo Foxworth -- is a white Republican from Texas who oversees a privately owned prison and carries out a policy that would be unthinkable today.

GASP! A white Republican from Texas? That would automatically make him flat out evil.

His orders under martial law are to capture immigrants and their relatives and expel them from the country.

But what if no other country wants them? That is exactly what happens.

Jails become jam-packed as other solutions are sought, such as using a stadium as a prison. That what Latin American dictators did in the 1970s and 80s, and even creating a death camp disguised as an airport.

In this imaginary future, Trump has been impeached and removed from office, but little is said of the new government -- only that people responsible for abuses are being put on trial, including Rick.

Whew! At least the play's author was merciful enough to spare sensitive liberals having to suffer through the actual Trump presidency by jumping right to the imaginary post Trump impeachment world.

The play, which depicts an unthinkably grim future, is an exercise in fiction, which allows for analysis of the Trump administration's "quite hateful, divisive and incendiary rhetoric."

"The success or failure of Trump's authoritarian power will hinge entirely on the response of individuals" out on the streets, Schenkkan added.

Schenkkan might put in a quickie appearance out on the streets but you can be sure that he will always return to his regular comfy Bobo Bolshevik® environs every evening.

"We are seeing both -- an enormous outpouring of resistance on the part of many, many people, but we are also seeing, to my mind, a shocking level of complicity already from ordinary citizens and professional politicians and experts."

That sure sounds like Schenkkan considers anyone working in any way with the Trump administration to be what he would label as a collaborationist. Will they also be put on trial with Texas Republican Rick?

One has to wonder what the mental state of Schenkkan and his fellow deranged liberals will be like in 2020 if Trump wins re-election. Perhaps he could write a new play called Goodbye Cruel World in which anguished liberals give up all hope and seek to enter the Heaven's Gate Mother Ship.