UN Climate-Change Censor Performs as Singing Space Pixie on YouTube

October 23rd, 2016 10:50 PM

Remember the haughtily officious spokesperson for the United Nations Climate Change Conference chronicled here in Newsbusters yesterday who wants to ban skeptical journalists from attending their meeting in Morocco next month? His name is Nick Nuttall and it appears he has a very bizarre side gig.

You can see him performing in the following video but a word of warning... You need to put your coffee cups down now or risk coating your computer screens with the caffeinated liquid. Are you ready? Okay, I now present to you UN spokesperson/censor and singing space pixie Nuttall entertaining you as he floats gently around in the extraterrestrial ether:

Now all of you! Join the singing space pixie! And it is important to do good job  because only you can save the world with this incredibly lame melody.

Es gibt kein richtiges im falschen Klima,
von Massachusetts bis nach Fukushima,
und wenn uns morgen die Sonne aufweckt,
dann sind die Sorgen alle wieder weg,

There is no right in the wrong climate,
from Massachusetts up to China,
when we wake up in the morning sun,
all our troubles will soon be gone.

Say goodbye to lethargy - save the world with this melody!

Und wir bewegen uns so souverän,
durch das Zeitalter des Anthropozän,
zu lange pflegen wir unsere Distanz
zur Welt in morbider Eleganz.

We are pretending as if we are souvereign,
through the age of the anthropocene,
we cultivate our distance
to this world with a morbid elegance.

Say goodbye to lethargy - save the world with this melody!

Nicht produzieren, sondern teilen,
die Zeit verlieren und länger verweilen,
anstatt verkaufen, lieber verschenken,
wir haben Freunde anstatt nur Klienten.

Sharing your things instead of producing,
savour the moment, time`s there for losing,
talk to your neighbors about something to lend,
instead of a client you`ll get a new friend.

Say goodbye to lethargy - save the world with this melody!

Okay, are we are back on planet earth again? If so I have a special message for Mr. Nuttall. ---Dude, you're a singing space pixie and you sit in judgement on how appropriate it is for certain journalists to attend the UN Climate Change Conference? To get an idea of just how absurd this is, listen to the condescending tone of Nuttal's voice as he arrogantly dismisses the notion of allowing journalists who don't toe the party line to attend that conference. 

Here is the singing space pixie weighing in on what he thinks is "appropriate":

... I just didn't feel that it was maybe appropriate in terms of better understanding climate change issues and giving balanced reporting to a general public.

Yeah, skeptical journalists that don't act as trained seals are somehow not "appropriate," yet singing space pixies are?