Benghazi Movie to be Released January 15 but Already Generating Buzz

September 20th, 2015 6:33 PM

Mark down January 15, 2016 on your calendar. It won't be one of Hillary Clinton's favorite days for just as the primary elections kick off, that is the day that 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is scheduled to be released in movie theaters. Judging from the movie trailer, this film directed by Michael Bay is exactly what Hillary doesn't want the public to be reminded about. For one thing, it is pretty clear that the assault on the diplomatic compound on September 11, 2012 was not inspired by a mere video according to the trailer.  Also included in the trailer is a scene where the security team is told to stand down after the attack. Coming as it does at a crucial point in the election season, it is sure to inspire quite a bit of buzz. In fact it is already generating a lot of controversy judging from the many comments posted in the IMDB message board even though it is still almost four months away from being released.


Here are a few sample comments from the message board which will give you an idea of how controversial this film will probably be upon release:

I was a Marine when this went down. Our battalion was part of a Global Response team, and right before this happened my entire company was getting ready to go Libya to evacuate the embassy, we did all the necessary work to deploy over three days, and out of nowhere got told to stand down.

Because the outpost begged for more security from the state department and were told to go pound sand. That's political. Because, we had specops 50 minutes away in Tripoli ready to go and they were told to stand down by the dolts in the White House. That's political. Because Obama simply went to bed. That's political. Because Obama and Hillary blamed some random Youtube video and even had the guy arrested. That's political.

It's propaganda because it premieres during a highly-contested presidential election, at a time when Hillary Clinton is likely to be taking part in debates.

Chock full of buzz months before the release date so imagine the controversy when it does appear in movie theaters. Will it impact the elections? We shall find out soon after the January 15 release.