Readers School Politico Writer on Real Reason for Sanders BLM 'Problem'

August 11th, 2015 12:51 PM

Sigh! Once again we are going to have to apply the Koch brothers test when it comes to journalists covering "grass-roots" protests. Here's how it goes: if the Koch brothers were financing an organization that was loudly protesting against candidates opposed by the Koch brothers, wouldn't that fact be highlighted in any story about such protests? Therefore, how can Politico's Daniel Strauss write a story about the Black Lives Matter not only protesting and disrupting Bernie Sanders events but even causing the cancellation of one of his speeches without any reference at all as to who is financing BLM and why. 

Fortunately, the readers of his Politico article were quick to point out that which Strauss deliberately ignored. It is the very inconvenient fact of the financial backing of BLM by George Soros who is also (surprise! surprise!) supporting Hillary Clinton. First let us watch Strauss plunge into this story with eyes wide shut before his own readers school him on what he refuses to notice:

Bernie Sanders has a Black Lives Matter problem, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

Actually Bernie Sanders has a George Soros problem, and it doesn't look like Strauss will notice it anytime soon.

Sanders makes an appealing target for the grass-roots movement — the surging presidential candidate has been drawing monster crowds on the campaign trail, giving protesters high-impact moments when they disrupt his events. And the activists say that since he holds himself out as the most progressive candidate, he is the logical champion for their cause.

Yeah, "grass-roots" as in the grass-roots of George Soros' pocket. Here is some detail on Hillary Clinton's supporter, George Soros, financial involvement in Black Lives Matter as reported by Kelly Riddell of the Washington Times:

With the backing of national civil rights organizations and Mr. Soros‘ funding, “Black Lives Matter” grew from a hashtag into a social media phenomenon, including a #BlackLivesMatter bus tour and march in September.

...Colorlines is an online news site that focuses on race issues and is published by Race Forward, a group that received $200,000 from Mr. Soros’s foundation in 2011. Colorlines has published tirelessly on the activities in Ferguson and heavily promoted the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and activities.

At the end of the #BlackLivesMatter march, organizers met with civil rights groups like the Organization for Black Struggle and Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment to strategize their operations moving forward, Ms. Solomon wrote. OBS and MORE are also funded by Mr. Soros.

If Strauss finds something erroneous in Riddell's reporting then let him refute away. Meanwhile back to more from the Strauss analysis which sounds like it bears the Clinton Foundation seal of approval:

But for Sanders, the headlines of hijacked events risk casting further doubt that the self-described democratic socialist can make it all the way to the White House.

While he’s been winning over crowds with his fiery message of income inequality, minority voters aren’t biting.

Okay, by now you can see where Strauss is coming from. Fortunately his own readers in the comments section are schooling him on certain things he has avoided:

So who "owns" BLM? Who trademarked it? Want me to help you out....a white guy named Soros. 

Soros funds BLM. Soros funds Hillary. 1 + 1=???

Seems a bit odd it hasn't happened to Hillary, doesn't it?

Soros has invested heavily in the Hillary campaign. (she is already bought and paid for) Bernie has become inconvenient especially in light of Hillary's tanking numbers, so Soros has sent Black lives matter after Bernie.

Exit question: When do Black Lives Matter start disrupting Hillary Clinton campaign events which they have thus far "mysteriously" avoided?