Dana Bash on Cantor Loss: 'Sad' That Republicans Now Won't 'Compromise'

June 11th, 2014 1:45 PM

Sniff! With the stunning Eric Cantor congressional primary loss yesterday, the Republicans are now less willing to "compromise" on such programs as immigration "reform" and other Democrat inspired legislation according to  Dana Bash of CNN who  thinks that's sad. So sad.

Bash dropped even  the slight pretense of non-bias this morning during a CNN New Day report on Cantor's historic loss. She declared it "sad" that the election result now makes it unlikely for  Republicans to act like Democrats. Break out the violins and play an appropriately mournful tune as Bash indulges her sadness (video after the jump):

Look, the story line, the establishment strikes back, has definitely taken a hit, a big hit. The first time that we can find in history a House majority leader has been toppled in general, but especially by his own party. It's -- that's why everybody is completely stunned.

But the answer is that I think that we need to be a little bit careful to take too much out of the lesson of this being that the Tea Party is really galvanized across the country and in a way they can beat the incumbent. This is a situation where Eric Cantor didn't follow the lesson of Mitch McConnell, of John Boehner, of John Kornyn, and I'm talking about other Republican leaders in Congress right now who also has primary challengers, who worked really hard back in their districts, back in their states, to make sure it didn't happen.

But here's one thing I can tell you just in covering House Republicans and knowing their DNA is that even if they are convinced that when it comes to raw numbers this can't happen to them or this won't happen to them because this is maybe an anomaly, good luck with that, because they're nervous nellies and they're going to be very worried, many of them, that if it's going to happen to their leader, this can happen to them. And what lesson are they likely to take? I'm not going to compromise. We're not even going to put ourselves out there, which is actually pretty sad.

Um, speaking of compromise, Dana... Ah, never mind.