Disparity Between MSM and Blogosphere Illustrated by 'Operation Chaos'

April 6th, 2008 11:48 AM

The winners of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize are scheduled to be announced tomorrow and I sure hope at least one blogger wins this coveted recognition. One big reason is that it is the blogosphere, in stark contrast to the mainstream media, that is paying attention to the biggest political story out there---how Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" has caused disarray among the Democrats. Operation Chaos, Limbaugh's plan for causing continued havoc in the Democrat party by encouraging Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton has received scant notice in the MSM although the effects are quite noticeable. Every time I see the MSM report on the startling rise of Democrat voter registration in Pennsylvania due to Republicans switching parties, I want to scream out ala Sam Kinison: "Say it! SAAAY ITTT!!!"

Unfortunately, the MSM rarely does "Say It!" You can look long and hard for any MSM mention of Operation Chaos in Google News despite the tremendous impact it has had on the current political landscape. Despite the extreme reluctance of the MSM to ever let the forbidden words, "Operation Chaos," pass its lips, it is being discussed quite a bit in the blogosphere. It is expected that conservative blogs would talk about Operation Chaos but liberal and far left blogs are chattering about this as well. One example of the latter is the Rude Pundit who angrily acknowledges the effectiveness of Operation Chaos as you can see in the very title of his blog post "Why Rush Limbaugh Ought to Be Force-Fed His Own Liposuctioned Fat."

...Then, of course, there's Rush Limbaugh, who is attempting to use his legions of epically retarded listeners to infiltrate the Democratic primary process and try to sow dissent in order to keep the virulence between Clinton and Obama going. He calls it "Operation Chaos," and it's something that would do the old COINTELPRO operatives proud.

...It is a testimony to the desperation and animal-like stupidity of Limbaugh's listeners that they are honestly attempting to do this. It would be a testimony to the left's delusional view of the positive side of human nature to think it probably won't have an impact.

Despite the Rude Pundit's leftwing politics, at least he acknowledges the impact that Operation Chaos is having on the political process. Over at the Daily Kos, the effectiveness of Operation Chaos which the MSM dares not mention has even caused them to accuse each other of being Republican fifth columnists as you can see in this paranoid titled post, "Has Operation Chaos Infected DailyKos? MUST READ! Beware the 'Pretendocrats.'"

...First of all, there is no concrete evidence that the Republican party is officially behind this, or Rush Limbaugh, but circumstantial evidence has led me to believe that they are doing something behind the scenes to sew seeds of discontent within the Democratic Party.

...If you follow the link above and the links in the diary, and watch the video, you may come to the conclusion as I did that Operation Chaos is a full blown online movement amongst Republican Bloggers.  Republicans have been posting diaries on Democratic Websites acting as democrats that are meant to fan flames and sew seeds of discontent within the Democratic party.  Because of the free and open nature of our blog sites, these people encourage democrats to openly fight with each other whenever they can.  

And finally, the liberal No More Mister Nice Blog expresses aloud his gnawing fear of the effectiveness of Operation Chaos:

...I'm not saying that all of this is Limbaugh's doing. But I'm struck by the fact that, according to the Inquirer, twice as many people switched to the Democrats between March 10 and 17 than registered Democrat for the first time. I'm also struck by the fact that the age group with the most activity is aged 45-54. I suppose that could be Hillary's crowd -- but I fear it's Rush's.

Meanwhile we still await the MSM to recognize political reality and mention the political operation that dare not speak its name. Go ahead, MSM, and say it. Say it! SAAAY ITTTT!!!