Ed Asner: Sean Hannity's 'Behind On His Rabies Shots'

December 11th, 2012 11:01 AM

NewsBusters reported last week that Fox News's Sean Hannity had come down on actor Ed Asner for his participation in an animated video depicting a rich person urinating on regular Americans.

Asner struck back Monday on Current TV's Young Turks saying, "I think he's behind on his rabies shots" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CENK UYGUR, HOST: Now, obviously Fox News has taken you on, and they say you're the boogeyman. I mean, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin I think called you about every word there is in the language, every bad word.

ED ASNER: Well, I think, I think, I think he's behind on his rabies shots.

UYGUR: [Laughs] So, you're not too concerned that they portray you as a Hollywood liberal, etc.?

ASNER: I'm proud of it.

UYGUR: God bless. Reassuring to hear that. Now, you know, there’s one other thing that I want to play for you here. It's C13 in our video rundown. It’s a portion of the video, and I want you to talk about it. Let's have the audience watch it first.


ASNER: Someday you'll be rich, and then the rules we made for us will be your rules, too. Some people weren't so sure about this, so the rich people bought newspapers and TV and radio stations and internet companies, and paid them to repeat over and over, “Some day you will be rich, too. There is no alternative.”


UYGUR: That's interesting, Ed. Do you think that the media has also has been captured by the rich and powerful?

ASNER: Oh, yeah, this has been going on. When we were doing Lou Grant, it was in the hands of four, maybe six higher powers. And I, it's probably been reduced since then. Ben Bagdikian wrote a book about it at that time. “Media Monopoly" it was called. And that monopoly has worked for the rich ever since. You don't find liberal papers anymore. Hopefully you find some independent thinkers who will occasionally land on the liberal side, but they are not pronouncedly liberal.

I guess Asner didn't realize that he was on a "pronouncedly liberal" television network owned by the extremely rich Al Gore.

That must be an inconvenient truth.

As for there not being "liberal papers anymore," this must have been the comedic Lou Grant rather than the more serious one spun-off from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

(HT Mediaite)