Bill Moyers: George Soros 'Has Been the Victim of Glenn Beck' and 'Fox News Assassins'

January 14th, 2012 9:52 AM

To give you an idea just how perilously liberal Bill Moyers is, in a media discussion with Arianna Huffington Friday, he actually sung the praises of America-hating billionaire George Soros.

Not only that, Moyers also claimed Soros "has been the victim, of course, of Glenn Beck and the right-wing, the Fox News assassins" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MOYERS: I’ll tell you somebody you could, you should go for, because he has given more thought to this than almost anyone I know: George Soros, believe it or not. George Soros, whatever you think about his wealth or his politics, George Soros was next to Vaclav Havel I think the most catalytic agent for helping to bring down the Communist government behind the Iron Curtain because he, he gave everybody who wanted one an equivalent of a Xerox machine, and so they could get the message out.

And he is deeply troubled by the Orwellian power of the right-wing in this country today. He talks about it. I was on his board for a several years, and I’m off now that I’m back on the air, but I was on his board, and he is deeply troubled. He is a great devotee of the open society, the society that does change because it listens to itself, and learns from its experience.

He's been the victim, of course, of Glenn Beck and the right-wing, the Fox News assassins. So he's thought a great deal about the Orwellian idea, and he said it has arrived in this country. It is here part of the permanent, a permanent characteristic of American democracy which is therefore self-suicidally bent because of the power and force of propaganda. He’d be somebody I know would write you a really good piece for that.

There is conceivably no one person in America spending more money to undermine this nation than Soros. Yet Moyers idolizes him.

Need to know anything else about the politics of Bill Moyers?

Those that can stand it can see more of this interview at the Huffington Post.

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