Maher Says Bush 'Wasn't Aware of S--t' After Bashing O'Reilly for Disrespecting Obama

February 12th, 2011 12:40 AM

HBO's Bill Maher on Friday perfectly demonstrated liberal hypocrisy concerning how Democrat and Republican presidents should be treated by the media.

In a lengthy segment on HBO's "Real Time" about how "disrespectful" Bill O'Reilly was during his Super Bowl interview with Barack Obama, Maher castigated the Fox News host for his "unpatriotic" behavior moments before debasing former President George W. Bush for not being "aware of s--t" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER, HOST: Let me ask about the President and Bill O’Reilly, because of all the things that got to me this week, that really bothered me. If you saw the interview he did at the Super Bowl, I thought it was very disrespectful, literally unpatriotic. Oh. Show our, show our little thing. We built this, we might as well show it every week. There you go. Reclaiming patriotism. Arianna was talking about it. You know, we talk about getting guns off, you know, everybody having a gun would be patriotic. Giving people healthcare. This is patriotic. And so would this be: not belittling your President. I mean, some of things he said to them…


HOOMAN MAJD: It was worse than that. It was actually bigoted.


MAJD: When he asked if he knows football. I mean…

MAHER: Right.

MAJD: …if I was the president, I'd say, “Get the f--k out of my house.

MAHER: Right.

MAJD: Do I know football?

MAHER: Right. You're a basketball guy, wink, wink.

MAJD: Inner city basketball guy.

MAHER: Yeah, we know what that means.

MAJD: Muslims don’t play football.

MAHER: Right. And you also throw dice behind the Rose Garden, don't you?

MAJD: And you smoke.

WEST: You know what’s interesting about that? I was taken by Obama being so steady because he's such a nice brother.


MAJD: He showed anger there, though. If you look at…

WEST: But he was containing it, but the interesting thing for me is if that had been a left-wing person raising questions, he probably would have expressed his anger. Obama really does get upset about progressives. That's why Rahm talks about f-ing – I could say it but my Mother’s watching – f-ing progressives and f-ing retards. They're talking about people like ourselves. I mean, ourselves in terms of progressives.

MAHER: Yeah, but I cannot imagine George Bush giving a pre-Super Bowl interview to Keith Olbermann. Which would be, can you imagine if Keith Olbermann treated him like that? Interrupted him over and over, leaned over like it was a bar. I thought he was going to ask him to get some motherf—king iced tea. It was disrespectful, and listen to this. Here’s what a dick O’Reilly is. He says… [Audience laughter] He said to Obama at one point, “Mubarak knows a lot of bad things about the U.S. I’m sure you’re aware of that.”

"Yeah, I get to see the CIA briefing at 7:30 every morning, and I get the director of Homeland Security in my office every, I think I am aware of that, Bill. Do you get that briefing? Oh, you don’t? I get that briefing. Yes, I am aware of that."

You know who wasn’t aware of s—t? Bush.

If being patriotic means "not belittling your President," exactly what was that?

O'Reilly in Maher's view was "disrespectful" to Obama, but it was completely acceptable for the "Real Time" host to say Bush "wasn't aware of s--t." And nobody on Maher's production crew caught the glaring hypocrisy.

Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

In reality, this whole outrage of Maher's concerning O'Reilly's treatment of Obama is the height of hypocrisy.

Other than Keith Olbermann, likely no mainstream media member has shown more disrespect for George W. Bush than the "Real Time" host. For him to criticize anyone's treatment of an American President is the height of gall.

On Friday evening, Maher perfectly demonstrated that only Democrat presidents are deserving of respect.

A Republican?

He isn't "aware of s--t!"

Thanks for clearing that up, Bill