Rush Limbaugh Advises Fox To Ignore Keith 'Olberdork' Now That He's Partnered With Gore

February 8th, 2011 7:08 PM

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday gave some advice to Fox News about how to treat Keith Olbermann now that he's partnered with Al Gore's struggling cable network.

"Do not ever talk about what goes on over there and nobody will ever hear about it" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

RUSH LIMBAUGH: By the way, Keith Olberdork who left MSNBC is going to Algore's cable channel, Current TV, where -- (interruption) Yeah, it's still on, and I just have one piece of advice for the people at Fox. Do not ever talk about what goes on over there and nobody will ever hear about it. Olbermann wouldn't be anything today if they hadn't decided to start picking fights with those people over there. That network wouldn't have half the audience as it does now. Anyway, the Chinese opera format was not working at Current TV, the global warming stuff just hadn't caught hold so now they're all-in with Olberdork as the political director and primetime talent at Algore's cable channel. Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, as a highly trained broadcast specialist, this is a move that under normal circumstances you wouldn't publicize and you would frankly hope nobody ever heard about. But the word's out. ...


Many analysts believe that Olbermann's decision to attack Bill O'Reilly worked for it antagonized the Fox star enough for him to return fire thereby drawing attention to the "Countdown" host and drive ratings.

MSNBC viewers may have noticed that since Olbermann's departure, his former colleagues have been paying a great deal of attention to Glenn Beck, in particular Chris Matthews whose "Hardball" program initially airs at 5PM opposite the current object of his disaffection.

Including Tuesday's program, Matthews has attacked Beck for seven straight days.

With this in mind, maybe it's best for all conservatives to heed Limbaugh's advice and let Olbermann fade away as quickly as possible, for without our negative reviews, he mightn't get any press at all.

Something to consider.

(H/T Jeff Poor)