Olbermann Bashes Vietnam Vet's Letter to the Editor About Him

January 30th, 2011 11:26 PM

Keith Olbermann must be starving for attention since his surprise exit from MSNBC.

On Sunday, he actually bashed a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe written about him by a Vietnam vet:

The object of Olbermann's disaffection was one Ed Driscoll who was quite pleased by the former "Countdown" host's departure from MSNBC:

I participated in more than 10 combat missions in Vietnam, so I know a mission is not a war. Someone should have told that to Olbermann, as he demonstrated his ignorance by equating the two for years on his show.

He would end by saying it has been so many days since President Bush declared “Mission Accomplished’’ in Iraq. Bush never said that. Olbermann was referring to a sign on an aircraft carrier that said “Mission Accomplished.’’ The president declared an end to major combat operations, and therefore the aircraft carrier was headed home.

In Bush’s speech, he said that much work has yet to be done. The sign was for the brave people who had completed their mission.

Is this really the dumbest letter to the editor of the century, or is Olbermann's kingsize ego so starved for attention that he doesn't feel the slightest inclination to show respect for a veteran voicing his opinion in a forum specifically designed for such a thing?

Honestly, if you had just been paid millions of dollars to stay off television for a few months allowing you to regroup before your next move, would you be commenting on letters to the editor from total strangers, or would you try to find something more worthwhile to do with your time?

On the other hand, since this nonsense was retweeted by 100 of Olbermann's followers, this is probably the exact kind of attention he craves at this stage of his career.

Pretty sad, isn't it?