Stephen Colbert Slams Rick Sanchez: His Endorsement Could Get Me Tens of Supporters

September 24th, 2010 5:05 PM

Comedian Stephen Colbert on Thursday ridiculed Rick Sanchez, the much-maligned CNN personality that deservedly is the butt of many jokes.

After telling his "Colbert Report" viewers that Jon Stewart's Washington rally next month has been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, Colbert informed them that he too has gotten a "major media figure" in his corner.

Upon learning the endorsement is from Sanchez, Colbert said, "Wow. Rick Sanchez. The coveted Sanchez bump. That could get me tens of supporters."

After showing a clip of the CNNer making a fool of himself on the air, Colbert panicked, "Oh, my God. It's like I'm a freshman and I've just been befriended by a loser upper-classman" (video follows with transcript and commentary, h/t Right Scoop):

STEPHEN COLBERT: Whoop-dee-doo, Jon. Oprah tweeted about you. It just so happens that I got a tweet from Gail. She even re-tweeted it to the authorities. And guess what? Guess what, Jon? I have just been informed that I've gotten my own endorsement from a major media figure, too. I'm so excited. Who could it be? Jimmy.


RICK SANCHEZ: Keep fear alive.

BROOKE BALDWIN: Yeah, keep fear alive.

SANCHEZ: I love that. Here's what we're going to do. Let's start ignoring the other guy, I'm not even going to say his name, and give all the emphasis to Stephen Colbert...


SANCHEZ: ...because he's a true American. We're not even going to talk about the other guy.



COLBERT: Wow. Rick Sanchez. The coveted Sanchez bump. That could get me tens of supporters. Take that, Jon. You know what, Jimmy, give me a little taste of this Cracker Jack, nimble-minded newsman.


SANCHEZ: Up next, ad-lib a tease. That's what it says right here. Now, I'm supposed to ad-lib about something that I should know about, right?


COLBERT: Oh, my God.

[Laughter and applause]

COLBERT: It's like I'm a freshman and I've just been befriended by a loser upper-classman. Now I have to eat lunch with him the whole year. Snap out of it, Colbert, snap out of it. Look at this positively. Rick Sanchez is kind of like Oprah for people who like to watch Rick Sanchez getting tased. Right, Rick?


SANCHEZ: Do it. (Groans in agony.)

COLBERT: I can't believe -- (groans in agony) -- never became his trademark signoff. So, Rick, Rick, my friend, if you really want to help me get my Facebook total up, come to my march, stand on stage with me, and let me tase you. For America.

CNN should be so proud that one of its anchors is the focus of so many jokes. 

Just imagine how comedians are going to go after Eliot Spitzer and Piers Morgan once their programs start.